Manufacturing at Automotive Lighting & Sensing Brotterode

Unified production system for maximum efficiency

Marelli Manufacturing System is the unified production system of our group of companies and therefore also for Automotive Lighting & Sensing Brotterode.

The term Marelli Manufacturing System (MMS) stands for a worldwide production system that provides tools and methods to improve efficiency and key performance indicators.

The focus of the MMS is particularly on:

  • Environment, occupational health and safety
  • Shopfloor management
  • Maintenance systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Logistic performance
  • Development

Production insights

  • Full-LED, Xenon and Halogen Headlamps for passenger cars
  • Dynamic Cornering-Light Modules
  • LED and LED-Matrix Modules
  • Laser-Light Modules
  • Exterior Lenses in 1K and 2K (component) injection molding technology
  • Optical Lenses in 3K injection molding technology
  • Production of Plastic Lenses and Frames (1K, 2K)
  • Optical Lenses (3K)
  • Assembly of headlamps with Full-LED, LED and LED-Matrix Modules, Xenon and Halogen light sources, Dynamic-Cornering-Lights and Laser-Light Modules
  • Assembly of LED-Assemblies
  • Projection and Reflection modules

Production at Brotterode is performed in three production areas:

  • Pre-Production
  • Module Production
  • Assembly with Upstream Production Preparation
  • Surface Treatment of design parts via Metallization, Vaporization and Sputtering
  • Production of electronic components for high performance LEDs using Laser Soldering and Laser Treatment

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