Manufacturing at Marelli Automotive Lighting Brotterode

Unified production system for maximum efficiency

Marelli Manufacturing System is the unified production system of our group of companies and therefore also for Marelli Automotive Lighting Brotterode.

The term Marelli Manufacturing System (MMS) stands for a worldwide production system that provides tools and methods to improve efficiency and key performance indicators.

The focus of the MMS is particularly on:

  • Environment, occupational health and safety
  • Shopfloor management
  • Maintenance systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Logistic performance
  • Development

Production insights

  • Full-LED, Xenon and Halogen Headlamps for passenger cars
  • Dynamic Cornering-Light Modules
  • LED and LED-Matrix Modules
  • Laser-Light Modules
  • Exterior Lenses in 1K and 2K (component) injection molding technology
  • Optical Lenses in 3K injection molding technology
  • Production of Plastic Lenses and Frames (1K, 2K)
  • Optical Lenses (3K)
  • Assembly of headlamps with Full-LED, LED and LED-Matrix Modules, Xenon and Halogen light sources, Dynamic-Cornering-Lights and Laser-Light Modules
  • Assembly of LED-Assemblies
  • Projection and Reflection modules

Production at AL Brotterode is performed in three production areas:

  • Pre-Production
  • Module Production
  • Assembly with Upstream Production Preparation
  • Surface Treatment of design parts via Metallization, Vaporization and Sputtering
  • Production of electronic components for high performance LEDs using Laser Soldering and Laser Treatment

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