Career fair on the campus of the College of Schmalkalden

In competition for the best minds at the career fair in Schmalkalden

Brotterode, 16. Mai 2017

Automotive Lighting belonged to the 70 exhibitors of the career fair on the campus of the College of Schmalkalden.

The fair took place for the 16th time, and is a fixed date in the calendar of the personnel department so that AL can regularly present itself to up and coming talents. Katrin Spangenberg was accompanied at the AL exhibit by the intern, Sebastian Bahner and apprentice, Adrian Erb. Immediately after the opening, the AL-Trio were able to greet University Rector, Prof. Dr. Heinemann, Schmalkalden Mayor, Kaminski and the former County Commissioner Luther. A headlamp of the latest generation with full LED equipment was displayed and immediately created the opportunity for discussion. Rector Heinemann stressed that in teaching, a high value is placed upon practical references. This is an extremely positive aspect training, and only possible through close contact to the companies in the region. Therefore, one can proudly say, “excellently educated and professionally prepared graduates leave the college with every graduating class.” This is something that AL also profits from. For this to continue, the AL-Trio “packed their bags” with the corresponding offers from all of the various departments. Applications for apprenticeships as well as internships were also available at the exhibit. “The person who uses their chances wisely comes with their application,” said Sebastian Bahner. “Last year, I stood in front of the exhibit, and I was not any different. At that time, I recognized an opportunity and took it, “says the student, who now works as an intern in the personnel department and, as he himself says, “gathers many practical experiences in addition to studying.”

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