CEO Excellence Award 2020 for new start-up and clean room

MARELLI Automotive Lighting Brotterode was awarded the CEO Excellence Award 2020 in two categories for the Daimler S-Class new start-up project with DLP module (Digital Light).


Sylvain Dubois, CEO Marelli Automotive Lighting Reutlingen (right), and Andrea Stella, Vice President R&D, took the CEO Excellence Award.

The MARELLI Group presents the CEO Excellence Award annually for internal processes and developments. MARELLI Automotive Lighting Brotterode has now been honoured with the award in the categories "10 best new start-ups" and "Best 5 clean rooms" for the start-up and production of the Daimler S-Class headlamp with DLP module.

The joy at the location was great, because the innovative high-performance headlamp required the plant to break new ground in terms of technology and production. Among other things, the first clean room was set up for the DLP module with the digital light source. In addition, the assembly of the headlamp takes place by means of a transport system, so that the headlamp is not moved manually in the production process.

Since the start of production, the DLP module has also attracted the attention of other customers who envisage the technology in new projects.

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