Film documents commitment to the environment

We want to make nature conservation in the region visible and "tangible"! With this ambition, Automotive Lighting Brotterode started an environmental project in the local community in 2017 as a company with roots in the region.

At the time, plant manager Dr Alberti and Meiko Lesser (EHS) had no idea of the response the project would receive from other companies and regional stakeholders alike. Today, well over 60 players are pulling together.

Restoring a piece of cultural landscape, planting native plants and woody plants and giving animals back their habitat. To reintroduce people, especially young people, to old farming techniques and thus keep old cultural assets in memory. To explain to children the importance of our ecosystem. All this is behind the project "Green Classroom Laudenbach".

Active nature conservation, publicity campaigns and events, the largest insect hotel in Thuringia, active bee protection, lessons in the Green Classroom... All activities are aimed at the long-term sustainability of our environmental and nature conservation project.

With the support of MARELLI Automotive Lighting, the players have recorded the status of the environmental project on film - a living document of sustainable commitment.

You can watch the film here:

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