Plant sells land for municipal tourism project

The Brotterode plant has sold an unused plot of land in a peripheral location to the town of Brotterode-Trusetal, thus clearing the way for a tourism project to now be implemented on the old railway line.

The town has acquired the former railway line from Auwallenburg to Brotterode. The plan is to continue the more than 12-kilometre-long Mommelstein cycle path in this area to the mountain town.

A look at the history of MARELLI Automotive Lighting Brotterode explains why a long-disused railway line is located on the site. A predecessor of the plant, the former Fahrzeugelektrik Ruhla (FER), wanted to reactivate the track for freight transport in the years before the fall of the Wall. Problems surrounding the project led to the Reichsbahn transferring the track to the company without further ado. Since Bosch, the new owner after reunification, did not want to sell the land, the completion of the cycle path from Schmalkalden via Floh-Seligenthal to Brotterode failed. The path currently ends at Auwallenburg Castle.

Plant manager, Dr. Michael Alberti, paved the way with his signature under the notary contract on behalf of MARELLI Automotive Lighting "so that the long-planned tourist project can now be put into practice". After the mayors of Brotterode and Trusetal had been trying hard for the last 20 years to find a solution in the interest of tourism, the joy is now great. Mayor Kay Goßmann will present the project to the town council for approval. There is also great interest from the district, as the path is still part of the 2025 cycle path concept.

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