Training alarm

Brigades working hand-in-hand during training alarm at Toplog warehouse building

Brotterode, August 14.

The new emergency vehicle from the plant fire brigade had its first big test - a baptism of fire in the figurative sense, because the brigade went to a practice fire, supported by the comrades of the volunteers from Brotterode, Trusetal and Kleinschmalkalden. This joint exercise simulated a plastic fire in a warehouse building of Toplog Brotterode GmbH in the industrial area Willi-Betz-Straße.

In the past, there have already been exercises on the AL premises and in various production areas in which the brigades of the region were involved. In this scenario, a plastic fire with strong smoke exposure and heat development was simulated, the aim was to “coordinate the interaction of the brigades, to test the necessary hose material and the newly constructed cistern, including the water reservoir of the firefighting pond”, explained the Fire Protection Officer of the plant, Meiko Lesser.

The municipality had built a new cistern with a water supply of 300 cubic meters in order to supply the Willi-Betz-Straße industrial area with water for emergencies. “The cistern had not been previously used in training.” Therefore, this first functionality test under actual emergency conditions was extremely important, “emphasized Meiko Lesser. The Toplog site was chosen because it is the furthest from the cistern. With the 4 brigades, there were 41 firefighters on-site, among them were 17 breathing apparatus wearers. After the receiving the alarm, the brigades were in a short time at the place of action and the coordination and cooperation during setup, search and rescue, and the extinguishing of the fire went hand in hand, noted the observer team and District Fire Chief, Matthias Kind in their protocols. In addition to praise for all of the emergency forces, the Trusetal comrades were praised for their speedy setup, which ensured the quick access to water from the cistern and the firefighting pond for the firefighting teams.

The district fire chief came to a positive conclusion after the exercise: “The cistern built by the municipality is important for the first actions of the emergency services and has to be regularly subjected to functional testing. In addition, the firefighting pond cannot be neglected,” stated Matthias Kind clearly. The pond should be continuously maintained and the pipe to the hydrant checked. Against the background of potentially high fire risks, a fast and adequate water supply to the businesses of the industrial area is extremely important.

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