Working visit

EU representive visits AL Brotterode

Brotterode, August 25.

The importance of Europe for AL, problems and perspectives... Jakob von Weizsäcker, a member of the European Parliament, came to the plant for a working visit with the local Bundestag candidate Christoph Zimmermann (both SPD). We have achieved a good position in the premium segment of highly complex headlamps for passenger cars, “said Plant Manager Dr. Michael Alberti.

In this context, the focus is increasingly moving from the development of sophisticated plastic production to electronics. Almost exclusively LED and even laser light would be used as lighting. “The automakers specify the external parameters, such as shape and design as well as the technical requirements, and we then develop the final product.”

Qualified specialists are therefore urgently needed, but despite the good earning potential they are difficult to find. Missing local and cultural opportunities as well as inadequate bus and train connections to larger cities are the main causes. In addition to a good payment, the attractiveness of living where one works must be increased; cultural opportunity improvement,” von Weizsäcker sees an example of this as a revaluation of the theater in Meiningen. Here, the economic community must articulate its demands on politics more strongly.

Declining investment incentives in Thuringia, high energy costs due to the EEG levy and the different wage costs in Europe as a competitive factor were further topics with the managers. Although it is not an energy-intensive plant, Dr. Alberti said that the overall energy costs per year are very high.

“When it comes to the distribution of burdens in the gradual switch to renewable energies and wage tructure, there must be harmonization across Europe”. Von Weizsäcker made it clear, however, that this alignment was politically a very difficult process and had to be implemented “very sensitively”.

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