Products from Automotive Lighting Brotterode

Convincing appearance

We are a global player in the lighting sector.

Automotive manufacturers around the world are convinced by our innovative solutions. With our performance, we help determine the level of the world market and strive to be the world's number one supplier of innovations. With our market-orientated products, we create added-value by developing the best possible solutions for our customers.

In this way, our headlamp innovations characterize the quality of light on the road, during the day, and especially at night, when they bring light into the darkness and at the same time ensure a high degree of driving safety and comfort.

From an innovative idea to series product

Intelligent electronics defines this Full-LED-Technology-Headlamp. Cameras record the current traffic situation and use their signals to control the adaptive lighting functions, which automatically adapt to all conditions. The headlamp combines a number of innovative solutions: The Matrix High-Beam Module with integrated electronics, glare-free continuous high-beam, and the progressive animated direction indicator.

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The Matrix Module, with integrated electronics realizes all adaptive driving beam functions via high-resolution camera signals. The integrated lighting modules map all traffic situations in a situational approach. The middle segments activate the electronic cornering light. The active infrared beam scans the area outside of town with heat sensors. The pulsating marker lights illuminates pedestrians for early recognition.

This striking headlamp is characterized by the LED-Daytime-Running-Light position light in the Opel-Boomerang design. High and low-beam lighting are realized by using the highly efficient and energy-saving 4th generation Bi e-light. With the application of the ECO innovation from Automotive Lighting a savings of 1-gram CO2-emission is achieved.

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Double-Projection Headlamps in Full-LED-Technology, combine maximum performance with optimum homogeneity. All adaptive light-functions are adapted to the traffic situation by means of camera signals. The signal module, which emphasizes the contour with its "eyebrow" design contains the daytime-running-light, the limiting light in white and the yellow progressive direction indicators.

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Intelligent lighting system with integrated electronics in Full-LED-Technology. All adaptive light distributions are adapted to the situation according to the camera. Optionally available: the active infrared emitter, pulsating marking light for pedestrian protection and the decorative multifunctional lamp equipped with 47 LEDs and glass elements (Swarovski).

Camera-Controlled Multi-Xenon-Headlamp with double actuator technology for an infinitely variable adjustment of light distribution and range. Dynamic cornering-lights and attractive brand specific daytime-running-lights complete the equipment.

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