Technological solutions by Automotive Lighting & Sensing Brotterode

Trusted cooperation with our customers

We work in close cooperation with our customers to be able to offer the best possible solution for each customer project, from initial consultation to series production of the headlamp.

Through these partnerships our market-oriented innovations are created, ones in which our goal for short production lead times as a standard are upheld.

Each product presents us with an exciting task and receives the highest level of concentration in development, design and production.

Supporting our automotive customers in the pre-development and conception phases of exterior lighting projects for new vehicle models.

Development of the basic construction, as well as detailed design of assemblies, modules and components of headlamps in accordance to the customer's requirements and specifications, and that in close cooperation with the project managers of the respective manufacturer.

Customized customer applications and PCB adaptation of platform control units for the various electronically controlled headlamp projects.

Adaptation of parameters of existing control units to the vehicle specific requirements of electronically controlled headlamps.

Development of stylistic concepts in close cooperation with the vehicle designers of the automotive industry on the one hand and the lighting experts of our departments on the other hand.